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Global Baby Care Market Overview by Product Cosmetics and Toiletries

There is a growing awareness among individuals for infant health and health care products is forcing the market for child care toiletries and cosmetics. This market includes of infant skin care products, hair care products, bath care products, perfumes, perfumes, and advantage and security solutions.

The infant toiletries and cosmetics market is the most significant segment of infant care products sector which accounted for the whole market share of approximately 92.2 percent in 2011. This sector is forecasted to fortify its standing in forthcoming years and maintain the market share of 93.2 percent from the year 2017. The significant driver of the market is the increasing interest of parents towards infant health, raising baby population in growing markets, and increase in disposable incomes of parents.

The worldwide market for infant care toiletries and cosmetics was valued at USD 41.3 billion in the year 2011 and anticipated to reach the worth of USD 62.3 billion from the year 2017 in the compounded yearly growth rate of 7.1\% throughout the forecasted period.

The increase in age of young adults can be contributing to the development of the market as greater elderly parents have been considered financially more secure and therefore can invest more money on infant care and advantage. In addition, growing number of girls going into the mainstream workforce is assisting this sector to grow since the average disposable income of a household is growing. This industry can be witnessing growing tendency in particular goods, especially baby makeup. There’s also increasing demand for natural baby care products which pose no dangers to infant’s health.

infant skincare

The infant skincare market is among the significant market segments with greatest market share and optimistic future outlook. The infant hair care marketplace provides to a small percentage, it’s anticipated to see healthy growth in the near future because of growing eye of parents towards infant care. The infant sun care section is a comparatively small section as parents prevent their infants taking into direct sun. Increasing trend of utilizing shower gel as tub product for infants is generating new opportunities for the development of this section.

Development and innovation in goods are enabling manufacturers and retailers to expand the marketplace with the support of innovative marketing and advertising strategy. Changing lifestyle tendencies and moms returning to work sooner is leading to growing need for healthcare products, thereby fostering the total economic development.

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